Americans, man up. Reclaim your independence

As Americans we have this gander.  This feeling of superiority.  Feeling of entitlement.  MTV and Reality Shows, everyone is going to be rich one day right? Cribz.

Newsroom is such a great show. Spot on. Brilliant.
The United States has Millions of orphans. Millions of families, living below the poverty line.  Millions of children suffering, needlessly, simply by being born to the wrong parents. To many children, factually unwanted.  Split homes, weekend – or every other weekend- parents.  No more June and Ward. Now it’s Dad Ted or Daddy Karl.   Beaver has left the nuclous, and he’s broken.
We are a nation of boys, not men. – Chuck Paulinack said it perfectly
As a nation Who are we now? what do we find.  What is our late night mind waste.  At one point not so long ago it was discussions of greatness, building roads, liberating the discriminated, landing on the moon.      
      Donate to help starving kids in Africa
      Donate to help whomever from the latest natural catastrophe not here
Support for Gay marriage is too low, it shouldn’t take this long. 
Have another Jäger Bomb. 2) we have no definition 
These ads are taking money away from Americas Poorest Families, whom don’t realize their donation actually helps the weatherier families in the poorer nation, proportionately speaking.  Who’s really helping whom here when you can’t meet your mortgage, and if you can are you paying for your child’s education? No kids, how about that kid down the street who’s moms working nights and dad isn’t paying his child support. Is your house paid off? Will it ever be?  Hey, at least you feel better charging that donation. Debt free too right? 
How’s the new TV, but it’s 0%….until its 22
Reality  is, USA #1 has gone away.  It is no longer.  Our dollar is no longer dominant.  Neither are our families, and our culture never was.  Our art has never been Europes.
Honey Boo Boo is no DaVinci
The problem is 2 fold. 1) We export our currency by the boatload, not only to China for low cost goods, but to Hatii, Thiland, and where ever those dogs are from the Sara McGloglon commercial. 
The local alternative, almost as bad. Most “non” profit charities take 45-70% of every dollar your grandmother sends in before it ever sees putting a coat on a kid.  Ever ask yourself what the churches operational costs really are?   But, who would question Gods men, whom send pedi files to another district, close down the churches in areas that need it the most.
One Nation Under God.
Buy American, what happened? Was that just another propaganda filled 3 year run, lost when something shinier came along? Like the War On Drugs? War on Literacy, The Pet Rock, or The Pet Shop boys. 
Have we as a society followed through on anything since 1776?  The New Deal was great, gave Americans pride. Built men, not swagger.
Ben Franklin would be ashamed.
Weither you understand it or not, we have become a culture of one night stands.  The Divorce Rate climbs, as the High school graduation rate declines. Online colleges are building false hope.  You never see someone in office from Devry.
Prove me wrong Phoenix.   Where is your Judge.
Class separation is arriving, and it’s no ones fault but our own.  Micheal Jackson, man in the mirror. A Zero down society that has 0 to show for it.
Your looking at the problem.
How does it change, and where does it start? It’s not in Kambodia Angelina, but we will explore that here. At home.  It must be a great feeling to build something new Harpo, 
I’ve been called a social retard. Perhaps I am. Perhaps I was born in the wrong time.  Perhaps I’ve been enlightened by to much cannabis.
Perhaps I have the answer, or perhaps we will find it – together.
The Revolution Starts at Home.
It starts in the home.